CBD Flax Face Cream
CBD Flax Face Cream

CBD Flax Face Cream

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CBD Flax Oats Face Cream

200 mg CBD broad spectrum

This fast absorbing formula combination works great for itchy skin, dry sensitive skin, combo or oily skin. The CBD Flax and Oats can help to remove dead skin cells with a gentle exfoliation, loaded with omega 3 fatty acids that soothe inflammation, it may disminize scars.

Customers report good results with blemishes and keep the skin radiant and healthy.

This cream can be use day/night or as a cleanser because contains oats that have compounds called saponins, are natural cleansers. 

CBD has powerful antioxidant properties and it's wonderful for the skin.

Chamomile it may reduce skin irritants by neutralizing free radicals.

Calendula extract may help with itchy and sensitive skin

Chia and flaxseed provides a healthier skin tone, and get rid of that unwanted uneven skin tone.

Neem, helping with unwanted bacteria.